Multi Factor Authentication

Navigate to Manage MFA page in Settings tab on the the menu. Enabling Multi Factor Authentication To enable MFA for a particular account, first click the Enable MFA(1) button. Follow the given instructions. Enter the code received to the Authenticator App on your mobile and verify. Resetting Multi Factor Authentication To disable MFA from an […]

Emojot Security Statement

LAST UPDATED: May 2021 This Security Statement applies to (the “Website”) or the products or services offered by Emojot Inc (the “Services”). We refer to those products, services, websites and apps collectively as the “services” in this Statement. This Security Statement also forms part of the Terms and Conditions for Emojot customers.  Emojot highly […]

User Profiles

Create user profiles  To create a new user account, go to User Management  in Settings menu. Enter User name, Password, Email and Select the User role from the User role drop menu. There are 6 different user roles in the system, each role has a different set of privileges. So the user access to system […]