Individual Responses

-- Download Individual Responses as PDF --

To view individual responses given to surveys, go to Visualize > Individual Responses.

Navigate to Individual Responses report
  1. Select survey – Select the Emotion Sensor® you want to view the responses from the drop-down
  2. Question– Questions of the survey (This could be either All or questions can be selected manually)
  3. Emotes – Either all emotes or first/last emote submitted by the users
  4. Include emo signatures – If an Enterprise Hierarchy is added to the selected Emotion Sensor®, it can be added to the individual responses if necessary. To include Emo Signatures, tick the box
  5. Include comments – If the selected Emotion Sensor® has comment pages, those can be selected from the drop-down
  6. Exclude empty comments – If there are empty comment cells, those can be either included or excluded. To exclude, tick the box
  7. Hide emotes – This allow you to download only the comment fields. If this box is ticked, emotes (responses to the other questions – which are not feedback questions) will not be included in the individual responses report
  8. Completion – If partial emotes is enabled in the Emotion Sensor®, you have an option to select the type of emotes; All emotes (both partial & completed responses), Partial only (partially completed responses only), Completed only (completed responses only). These options can be selected from the drop-down
  9. Show scores – When scores are enabled for the selected survey, this gives you an option either to show both score & response or to show only the score of the selected response or only to show the response. These options can be selected from the drop-down
  10. Select the date/time range of the data you want to view
  11. Emo Signature drill down type – When Enterprise Hierarchy is enabled, individual responses can be viewed according to EH levels too. Select the relevant EH type and level from the radio buttons and drop-down respectively
  12. To apply the above filters to the table below, hit Refresh. To download the below table, hit Export CSV
  13. Search data on table– To find data on table, select category from first drop menu and enter the keyword which you wish to find in table.
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