SMS Campaign

Create a user list or select a user to send an SMS campaign We can send an SMS campaign for created user lists or selected user/s from the Contact list.refer USER LISTS IN COMM-CENTER for more infoIf you want to send an email without creating a user list You can select the users from the Contact tab […]

SMS Template

Save SMS template To create an SMS template, go to Compose in Comm-center. Select SMS (from the Message type (1) drop menu. Select an emotion sensor® from Survey to embed (2) drop menu. To enter the survey URL to the SMS body by clicking the Sensor (3) button. Then click Username (4) and Unsubscribe link […]

Embedding Emotion Survey® Questions in Email

To send an email with Emotion Sensor® embedding, go to Compose view in Comm- Center and click Embed tab. We can embed the Emotion Sensor® into the email in two ways. Embedding Emotion Sensor® URL Embedding Emotion Sensor® questions. Embedding Emotion Sensor® URL To embed sensor URL to the email, go to Embed and select sensor URL (This […]