Integrate an Emotion Sensor® on WordPress

-- Download Integrate an Emotion Sensor® on WordPress as PDF --

To do the integrations on WordPress, first subscribe to API. Please refer this article to learn how to do it.

Click on the Share icon on sensor widget and go to WordPress tab.

Select the Burst as Display mode.*

Select the size of the burst from the dropdown in front of Button size.**

Select the style of the burst from the dropdown in front of Burst style.***

Select the direction of the population from the dropdown in front of Burst populate direction.****

*This is the default selection.

**The size of the burst depends on where it is placed. For a wordpress website, size small would be ideal.

***Different styles are available for the burst such as default, horizontal and vertical. Default style is where the emoticons are displayed in a form of a burst. Horizontal and Vertical styles display emoticons in those forms.

****The direction of emoticons can be changed to either Left/Right or Up/Down.

Click on either zip or rar to download the plugin.
Select and copy the short code given in step 3

Log in to your WordPress dashboard (admin panel)
Click on Plugins in the menu.

Click on the Add New button.

Click on Upload Plugin.

Select the downloaded zip/rar file and click install.

After installation is completed, click on Activate Plugin.

To show the burst inside the article, go to Posts and click on Edit to select the post that the burst should be added.

Paste the copied short code inside the article where the burst should be displayed and Update the post.

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