Enterprise Hierarchy

-- Download Enterprise Hierarchy as PDF --

*Will be mentioned as EH in the document for easy reference

Capture Enterprise Hierarchy

To capture EH of an Emotion Sensor®, enable the toggle in front of Enterprise Hierarchy capturing and select the relevant model from dropdown in front of Enterprise Hierarchy model in last step of survey creation (Publish step).

*To enable this, an EH model should be added to the account first.

To upload a EH model to the dashboard, go to Enterprise Hierarchies on Settings tab.

Download the sample model Excel to see how the hierarchy should be built.

Follow the same format and save it as an .XLS. Add the Model name and select the file to Upload.

*Only one EH model can be added to one account.

Once the EH model is uploaded it is shown under Current models.

To edit/delete the model, click the icons in front of the model name.

Add EH fields as loyalty attributes

To display these data with corresponding emoters’ data in Comm-center data table, these fields should be added as Loyalty attributes.

To do this, Select the model and click on the checkboxes of the attributes that need to be appeared in Comm-center. Then Save under Add Enterprise Hierarchy fields as loyalty attributes.

Once these fields are added as Loyalty attributes, they’ll be listed down in Loyalty fields under Settings in Comm-Center menu. (Comm-Center > Settings > Loyalty fields)

Launch sensor with EH

To generate different sensor URLs for different levels of EH, select the relevant sensor from Select the sensor to sign dropdown.

Then select the levels of EH and different URLs are generated according to the selected EH levels.

Go to sensor signing portal and follow the same process.

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