Score Histogram Report

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Score Histogram report is used to view the Histogram chart of the Emotion SensorĀ® questions which has scores assigned.

Score Histogram Report Navigation

Go to the Dashboard and click on the Menu icon on the left side upper corner. Click on the Analyze, Score Analysis, and select Score Histogram.

Add Widget

Click on the filter section and Go to the Survey questions section and select the particular survey you need to view the report. After selecting a survey go to the Question drop-down at the right side and select a question from the dropdown and click on the Add button.

After adding the question user has to add a widget name for that segment. Give a proper name for the widget and click on the Load segment in a widget button.

Save Report

After adding a widget user can view the particular chart for the selected question. Users can add multiple widgets to the report by changing the survey and questions from the dropdowns. After adding widgets to the report Save it giving a Report name. Users can select how many Widgets per row from the given dropdown.

View Chart

In the loaded widget, the user can view the Pencil mark near the widget name. Click on the Pencil mark to add more filters to the chart. By clicking on the Point labels checkbox, the Percentage or Count of chart details shows on the chart. Selecting Enterprise Hierarchy from the dropdown allows adding more filters for the chart. (It gives the more priority for the widget EH filters than the global EH filter)

Tabular View

The tabular view allows users to view theScore Histogram Summary of the particular widget.

Remove all Widget

To remove all added widgets from the report click on the Remove All Widget button.

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