Mobile Skins

-- Download Mobile Skins as PDF --

Apply mobile skin

To enhance the look and feel of the sensor, background, font colors, button colors, etc. can be changed. 
Select a suitable skin from the dropdown in front of Mobile skin in last step of sensor creation (Publish step) and apply.

Create mobile skin

To create a new skin, click the Brush icon in front of Create new skin in Publish step and configure the skin.

Then Save the skin and it will select automatically in dropdown in front of Mobile skin.


Go to Mobile skins on Settings tab and populate the sample style sheet to see how the code is written.

Follow the same format and enter the code in Style sheet (CSS) box.Enter a name for the skin in Skin name box and Save.

This saved skin will appear in dropdown in front of Mobile skin in Publish step.

Saved skins are listed under Current skins.

To edit/delete a skin, click on the icons in front of the skin name.

*The skins which are already applied to sensors cannot be deleted.

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