Correlation Analysis

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Correlation is a statistical method used to assess a possible association between two variables. Using Correlation Analysis function, users can see whether an association exists between two variables (i.e. two questions).

To go to the report follow Analyze >> Correlation Analysis path.

Select the Emotion SensorĀ® (1) that contains the questions (2) you need to relate from the drop down and click on the Correlations button (4) To apply filters, select the appropriate one from the drop down in (3)

To collapse/hold up the filters section, click on the upward arrow on top right corner of the widget.

Select the question that you need to correlate with other questions from the drop down (1) To sort the questions according to the strength of the correlation, tick the box next to Sort by correlation (2). The boxes in front of each question shows the strength of the association between that and the selected question. Legend is mentioned at the bottom of the table (4)

To view how data are dispersed between the two variables, click on the box in front of respective question (3)

Add more widgets to the report

To add more analytic widgets to the report, click on Emote (1), to add feedback widgets click Comments (2).

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