2D Analysis

-- Download 2D Analysis as PDF --

2D Analysis report allows users to compare two questions in the same survey.

Go to the dashboard Analyze section and select 2D Analysis report.

Add Filter

Chart: Select chart type (Stack, Bar), Count/percentage and enable column value to view the value on the top of the chart.
Date: Select the particular date to view the data on the chart.
Completion: Filter the data of the completion (Partially, Completed and both)
Enterprise Hierarchy filter: Filter data according to the users’ Enterprise hierarchy path.

Analytics of emotes and comments

To view the analytics (emotes), click on the Emotes button. To select the survey, click on the pencil icon in that widget.

After selecting the survey, select survey questions from the drop-down to compare.

Download the chart as a png by clicking on the icon on the left top.

To view, the analytics of comments click on the Comment button. Select the survey and the page which contains feedbacks and the relevant question to compare.

Export comments by clicking on the icon on the left top. Select all the columns or select the necessary columns to export. Select the checkbox of the enterprise hierarchy fields if needed. Click on the export button to view comments in an excel sheet.

More Filters

Add question filters with logical operators to both emotes and comments by clicking on the More filters button

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