Email Report

-- Download Email Report as PDF --

Go to the dashboard Analyze, Email report.

Report settings

Select a survey from the Select surveys dropdown and select a question which you need to appear on the email. Select a time period (Days or Months in a number format) and select Time-series such as All, First emote, last emote. Add Emo signature if needed. Click on the refresh button after changing or adding fields in the settings section.


After adding the above filters to the report, email it by clicking on the Email button. After clicking on the Email button Email details window gets opened. Fill the necessary fields and click on the Submit button. The particular recipient/s get the mail.

Schedule Email

This feature allows users to schedule the email. After clicking on the Schedule email button the Email schedule details window get open. Fill all the necessary details and click on the Schedule button. Then the scheduled email will send to the given recipient(s), according to the given time period.

Existing email schedule: If there are scheduled emails in this account all the scheduled emails will appear in this section. This allows to edit and delete the scheduled emails.

Email Preview

This shows a preview of an email that is related to the above-added settings.

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