Enterprise Hierarchical (EH) View

-- Download Enterprise Hierarchical (EH) View as PDF --

Go to Enterprise Hierarchical view in Analyze in the main menu.

  1. Survey– Select the particular survey you need to view the report.
  2. Group By– Select the group which you want to show the data in showing graph.
  3. Change question– To change the question.
  4. Total responses– Showing how many responses are available for each group.
  5. Legend– Select Question or EH group to show in the graph.
  6. Clear chart– To clear the data chart.
  7. Refresh– Hit Refresh to view changes on filters.

In the loaded chart, the user view the arrowhead on the top left corner. Click on the arrowhead to download the chart as an image (8).

The loaded chart is showing as below.

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