360-Degree Feedback Analytics

Once the 360-Degree Feedback Roll-out is done, next step is to check the necessary analytics. Go to Analyze >> Score Overview >> 360 Overview Select the 360-degree feedback survey from the drop-down in front of Survey To create segments, choose the relevant questions from the drop-down in front of Question and hit Add. Use appropriate […]

360-Degree Feedback Solution

The 360-degree feedback mechanism is a popular performance assessment review method that’s used in HR best practices. The mechanism is available on Emojot with real-time analytics and shareable reports. All analytic reports strictly protect the confidentiality and anonymity of the evaluators.  Traditional 360-degree feedback methods have tremendous overhead for planning and deployment, are extremely tedious for the […]

360-Degree Feedback Roll-out

To send out the 360-degree feedback emails, please follow the below process. Prepare the employee contact details list List down the names and email addresses of the employees who will be participating in the 360-degree evaluation.*Go to Comm-center and upload the list of employee details. Identify the employees and evaluators Each employee who is participating […]