Cookie Policy for the Emojot Platform

This is Version 1.0 of the Emojot Platform Cookie Policy. Last Updated: May 2020 Emojot Overview Emojot is a global pioneer in real-time, emotion-based, intelligent experience management. Emojot empowers companies with critical insights, and recommendations that accelerate revenue, reduce churn and enhances brand promise. With its innovative, software-based ‘Emotion SensorsTM’ and AI-driven analytics, Emojot’s enterprise-grade […]

Integrate an Emotion Sensor® on a Website

An Emotion Sensor® can be integrated on a website in different ways. To integrate a survey on a WordPress website as a burst, please refer this article. 1 – Popup Emotion Sensor® on the web page after 10 seconds. Add the provided websiteEmbed.min.js file at the bottom of any html page as below. <script type=”text/javascript” […]