Emojot Portals

Multiple portals are available under Emojot platform to cater different requirements. CX Portal Provides analytics specific to the account. CX portals are created upon client request, and once created, login credentials are provided. Access the CX Portal here >>> https://emojot.com/portal/ Reach Out Portal This portal is used when an admin wants to share an email/sms […]

Pre-selected EH data on virtual pages

Virtual pages are pre-selected for the loyalty users (these users’ profile data are already captured) whose enterprise hierarchy data is already captured in the Comm-center. Virtual pages appear before the Emotion Sensor® questions. Virtual page preselections happens according to the following flows, Capture profile data first and Enterprise hierarchy enabled surveys: The survey should have […]

File upload through Emotion Sensors™

Uploading files is a versatile capability that is available in Emotion Sensors™. To enable this, please contact the dev team. Different types of files can be uploaded through the sensors such as png, pdf, xls, etc. Below is a screenshot from a sensor where upload file is enabled. Once the file is selected, add a […]

Integrate an Emotion Sensor® on WordPress

To do the integrations on WordPress, first subscribe to API. Please refer this article to learn how to do it. Click on the Share icon on sensor widget and go to WordPress tab. Select the Burst as Display mode.* Select the size of the burst from the dropdown in front of Button size.** Select the […]

Integrate an Emotion Sensor®

Subscribe to API An Emotion Sensor® can be integrated in different ways to get responses. Integrations can be done on Twitter, Facebook, HTML and WordPress. To do the integrations on HTML and WordPress, first subscribe to API. to do this, click on the Share icon on sensor widget on My Surveys page. Go to the […]

Integrate an Emotion Sensor® on a Website

An Emotion Sensor® can be integrated on a website in different ways. To integrate a survey on a WordPress website as a burst, please refer this article. 1 – Popup Emotion Sensor® on the web page after 10 seconds. Add the provided websiteEmbed.min.js file at the bottom of any html page as below. <script type=”text/javascript” […]


Allow engagement To engage with the emoter (respondent) based on the emote (response), enable the toggle in front of Engagement in Publish step of Emotion Sensor® creation and Update the Emotion Sensor®. This can be used to redirect the emoters (respondents) to watch a video, to send an SMS/email, to an advertisement, or to another […]