SMS Campaign

-- Download SMS Campaign as PDF --

Create a user list or select a user to send an SMS campaign

We can send an SMS campaign for created user lists or selected user/s from the Contact list.
refer USER LISTS IN COMM-CENTER for more info
If you want to send an email without creating a user list You can select the users from the Contact tab and send the SMS.

Launch the SMS campaign

Click ‘Compose’ button.

Select SMS from ‘Message type(1) drop menu.

Select the sensor from ‘Survey to embed(2)drop menu.

Enter the embed survey to SMS body by clicking ‘Survey(3) button.

Click on ‘Username(4) button and enter the username to the SMS body.

If you want to add a unsubscribe link in SMS body, click ‘Unsubscribe link(5) button.

Then select a emoting(6) type. (Annonymous/Onetime/Continuous)

Click ‘Send SMS‘ (7) button and enter the ‘Campaign name‘ (8) and click ‘Proceed(9) button to send an SMS to the particular user(s).

You can use the SMS template for sending an SMS.
refer SMS TEMPLATE post to see how we can create an email template

Review campaign details

To check the campaign details, go to ‘Campaign’ tab and select ‘SMS campaign‘.
For each SMS campaign, we have the following status analytical information. Each status displays as a Sent count and as a Responded percentage from the total sent.

Resend the SMS for campaign users

We can resend the SMS for filtered users according to his campaign staus.

Select status from the filter (1) drop menu.

refer CAMPAIGN STATUS article for more about the campaign status

Then click Compose (2)button and send an SMS.

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