Dynamic Group Deployment (DGD)

-- Download Dynamic Group Deployment (DGD) as PDF --

DGD is a newly introduced packaged solution to ease your survey deployment pain! DGD enables you to deploy your surveys with any team within the organization.

After a team meeting do you want to quickly run a survey and view results instantly? Then this could be the ideal solution for you! DGD also facilitates easy maintenance of teams and groups and roll-out surveys only for the members who are present during the meeting.

With our innovative Enterprise Hierarchy capabilities, you can maintain as many teams as you wish and data can be maintained and shared securely only among the intended users.

Organization admins can monitor meeting efficiency and effectiveness of each team constantly and address any concerns of group members immediately.

To learn how to deploy DGD flow, please refer this article >> Dynamic Group Deployment (DGD) Roll-out

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