Tabular And Pie Charts

-- Download Tabular And Pie Charts as PDF --

Go to the dashboard Menu and click on the Analyze, Basic Reports and select Tabular And Pie Charts.

Emolytics Criteria

Select one or more surveys from the Select surveys section and add other filters that you want to add for the data and select Display Mode as Table or Pie and click on the Refresh button.

If you want emosignature filters, add the global Emo signature from the Emo Signature drill down.

According to the added Display mode, data will appear at the report as bellow.

Display Mode – Table

Selected survey details will appear in survey vise as the above table

Display Mode – Pie

Share and Manage shared reports

After creating the report user can share it through email. Click on the Share button and add one or more email addresses (separate using “commas”) and add relevant Notes and click on the Share button to share the report.

To manage the shared report click on the Manage shared report button. This shows all the shared reports with the shared time and the email addresses. By clicking on the Revoke button, it removes the access capability of the particular user.

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