Count And Ranking

-- Download Count And Ranking as PDF --

Go to the dashboard Menu and click on the Analyze, Basic Reports and select Count And Ranking. Charts will appear only for the surveys which have the same emotive themes.

Select surveys that contain the same emotive themes from the Surveys dropdown. Add filters that you want to add for the chart. Select the chart view as Bar or Stacked. After adding filters click on the Refresh button to add changes.

Ranking Analysis

The ranking analysis feature is allowed to use only for the surveys in which survey questions have scores assigned. This allows users to filter out data according to the score value and order of the added rank.

Legend and Emote

Chart Legend can change according to the survey question and survey name and allow users to filter out data using the selected response from the Emote dropdown. After adding filters, click on the Refresh button to view filtered data in the chart.

After clicking on the Refresh button the chart will appear according to the added changes/filters.

The Leader board shows all the user contributions for the particular survey.

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