Capture Contacts into Comm-center

-- Download Capture Contacts into Comm-center as PDF --

Upload customer data

To upload the customer data, go to the Contacts tab in Comm-center.
Click ‘Choose CSV(1) on the ‘Upload Customer data‘ text field.
Then select the CSV file and Upload (3).
The user email address or telephone number are required fields for upload customer data file.

You can download the sample CSV file and change and follow the same format as in the sample file.
To download the sample CSV, Click on ‘Download sample csv(2) in
‘Upload Customer data’ text field.

Capture user profile data from Emotion Sensor® UI.

To capture the user profile data, the user needs to submit his profile data for Loyalty enable Emotion Sensor® UI.
The user can submit his profile data as Name, Telephone, Email address, Birthday and customized profile data.

Then those data will appear in the Contacts tab in the Comm center.

Capture user data from the Reachout portal.

Login to the Reachout portal and enter the email address or telephone number that you have to send an Emotion Sensor®.
Login to Reachout portal by using below URL :

Then the sensor will receive to the given contact email or telephone number.

Submitted emotes are captured under the given email or telephone number on the contacts tab in the comm-center.

*PII are masked due to security reasons

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