NPS® Analysis

-- Download NPS® Analysis as PDF --

To create NPS® Analysis Report, first create an Emotion Sensor® with NPS questions.
refer NET PROMOTER SCORE® article for more info about NPS®.

Add segments to the report

Go to NPS Analysis under Analyze in the main menu.

Select the Emotion Sensor® from the drop-down in front of Survey (1)and the questions from the drop-down in front of Question (2) that need to be added to the segment and hit Add (3).

When the questions are added, enter a meaningful name in the box provided to identify the segment (4) and click on Load segment in a widget (5).

Save report

Once all segments are created, enter the name into the Report name (6) text field and click the Save (7) button to save the report for reused.
To select how many widgets are showing on a row, select a number from Widgets per row (8) drop menu.

All saved reports are available in Current reports (9) drop menu.

To Update (10)Save as new (11)Delete (12)  the saved report, click on the respective buttons in front of the Manage report field.

The report can be drilled-down in different ways. To change this, select either Single or Multiple (13) as the drill-down type and select the Enterprise Hierarchy from the drop-down below and hit Refresh (14).

When the segments are loaded as widgets, it looks as below.

To make filters for each widget, click edit pencil (15) on top of the widget and make filter settings.

To drill down Score Reports into Individual Level, click Individual responses (16) link in the appeared tooltip.

To make more filters for each widget, go to More filters(17).

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