Employee Screening Flow

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“Employee Screening Flow” is introduced to maintain a safe workplace as employees return to work during the Covid-19 pandemic. This process screens, validates and traces employees who enter the facility. The flow consists of globally validated screening standards and AI based decision tree models and can be deployed very fast.

First, an Emotion Sensor® (survey) should be created accordingly with the questions suitable to screen employees. For a sample employee health checker, please refer >> https://emojot.com/covidsd

As profile data, employee IDs could be added. So the same can act as the primary key, when identifying (or tracing) the employees.

To learn more about the Visitor Screening Flow, click here.

To learn how to create an Emotion Sensor® (survey), please refer this article >> Create an Emotion Sensor®

Process for Employees with Smartphones

Employees receive either an email/SMS to self-declare their Covid-19 related health and exposure every 4 days (frequency customizable). They can respond via a link. Employees with smartphones receive an email (or an sms or both) once they submit the responses to the health check Emotion Sensor®.

Email Alert

Process for Employees without Smartphones

Employees who don’t have smart phones, can respond via a call to the company call center. Once the answers are submitted, if they own a mobile phone (not necessarily a smart phone), they’ll receive an sms with their clearance code.

SMS Alert

If the employees don’t have a mobile phone at all, the agent (or the operator) can share the Individual Key verbally, which appears on the screen.

All the employees should show the SMS or produce the Individual Key to the validators at the entrance of the facility.

To trace the employees who have had closed contact with each other, please refer this report >>> Individual Tracing Report

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