Create an Emotion Sensor®

-- Download Create an Emotion Sensor® as PDF --

To create a new survey, click New survey in the My surveyspage.

Then enter Survey Name, Survey Title and the Short URL to access the sensor.
This short URL helps the users to load the sensor. Then click Next.

Type the question on Type your question here box. Type the answers below emojis. Click Next and Save.

To change the emotive theme, click the cogwheel right next to the question box and select the Change theme.

Select the created emotive theme for the question and click Apply.

To add more questions to the same page, click Add new question.

To add more pages, click the Plus sign on left under Page.

Once the changes are done, click on Next button to move to Publish step.

Then click on Save.

Once the Emotion Sensor® is saved, the below window pops up.

To view the newly created Emotion Sensor® click on Go to created survey.

Return to home page, click on Go to my surveys.

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