Emojot Portals

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Multiple portals are available under Emojot platform to cater different requirements.

CX Portal

Provides analytics specific to the account. CX portals are created upon client request, and once created, login credentials are provided. Access the CX Portal here >>> https://emojot.com/portal/

Reach Out Portal

This portal is used when an admin wants to share an email/sms with the customer (respondent). The importance of Reach Out Portal is, it can be accessed only with a token (no login necessary) and can engage with one respondent at a time. Access the Reach Out Portal here >>> https://emojot.com/emojotReachout

Agent Portal

In a situation where either an agent or a telephone operator or a customer care representative calls and respond to an Emotion SensorĀ®, based on the responses given by the customer (or employee). Agent Portal is an extend to the Reach out Portal. Thus, to access the Agent Portal, please visit the same url (https://emojot.com/emojotReachout)

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