URL Redirection

-- Download URL Redirection as PDF --

Go to the dashboard Engage, Emoter Journey Designer section.

Add Journey State

Provide a journey name in the Journey name (Required) filed. Then click on the Add journey state and provide a state name in the Journey state name(Required) and select a survey from the dropdown. Then click on the Add state button. Then the state gets added to the journey.

After adding states click on the Add Transition. Then the transition configuration window gets open. Select the transition type as URL redirect. Then provide Redirect URL (This is a required filed and this URL used to redirect to a particular webpage/Video when the condition get triggered).

Open in a new tab: If this checkbox is selected the given URL gets loaded in a new tab after the condition triggered. If this checkbox is unticked the given URL gets open in the same browser tab in which the survey is opened.

Trigger on: Contains two options, Any emote combination and condition.

Any emote combination: If you select any emote combination, the state transition happens when the user clicks on any response (emote) in the survey.

Condition: If you select condition, it allows you to add logical conditions to trigger on for the selected question and the response in that particular survey.

After configuring the transition for the state click on the ADD button to add this to the journey. Then click on the Save button to save the journey. Saved journeys will appear in the Current journey. To access the particular journey copy and paste the URL on the browser. Users can edit and delete the current journey.

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