Emoting Tokens

-- Download Emoting Tokens as PDF --

Go to the dashboard Settings emoting token section.

Generate tokens

To generate tokens, select the survey from the Select survey dropdown. Select the token type from the Token type dropdown.

Token types

Continuous :
If the token type selected as continuous the user would be able to reuse the generated token in the same browser.

If the token type selected as onetime, the user can use this token only in onetime (After user response (emote) to the survey at a one-time survey gets freeze.)

Token expiry dates and Token count 

The generated tokens are only valid within the selected dates. Selected token counts get generated after clicks on the Generate tokens button.

Existing token URL(s)

All the generated tokens are showing in the Existing token URL(s) section. If the particular URL is already used user can view the status as Used. Clicking on the clear button user can use that URL again.

Delete Selected

To delete the particular URL/s select the checkbox of that URL and click on the Delete selected button.

Generate short URLs

To generate short URLs select the checkbox of the particular URL and click on the Generate short URLs button. The Generated short URL gets opened in a new window and clicking on the copy icon, the short URL gets copied to the clipboard

Using the short URL or the long URL use can access the survey.

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