Employee Screening Flow

“Employee Screening Flow” is introduced to maintain a safe workplace as employees return to work during the Covid-19 pandemic. This process screens, validates and traces employees who enter the facility. The flow consists of globally validated screening standards and AI based decision tree models and can be deployed very fast. First, an Emotion Sensor® (survey) […]

Score Histogram Report

Score Histogram report is used to view the Histogram chart of the Emotion Sensor® questions which has scores assigned. Score Histogram Report Navigation Go to the Dashboard and click on the Menu icon on the left side upper corner. Click on the Analyze, Score Analysis, and select Score Histogram. Add Widget Click on the filter […]

Emotion Sensor® End Page

Thank you page To add a Thank you page when the sensor is submitted, go to Publish step in sensor creation. Enable the toggle in front of Thank you page (1) and click on the + Thank you page options (2) below the toggle to edit the page settings. Thank you page settings To add […]