Loyalty Fields

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We can add loyalty fields manually.

Go to Loyalty fields (1) in Settings tab in Comm-center.

Add new field

To add a new field, click Add new record (2) (plus icon) on top bar.

  1. Field name : Add filed name to identify.
  2. Emo signature attribute: To make as emo signaure attribute.
  3. Survey visibility: To show the loyalty field as in Emotion Sensor UI.
  4. Comm-center: To show the data column as in comm center.
  5. Required field : To make as required field.
  6. Validation(Regular Expression): For add a regex validation for created field.
  7. Validation Fail Message: Add a messgage to show when the validation is fail.

Then click Add (8) button.

Edit loyalty field

To edit a field, select the record and click edit button (9) (pencil mark).
Then do necessary changes and click Update (10) button.

Select/Deselect and Delete records in current page

To select the records in current page, click Select all in current page button (11)(right mark)

To deselect the all/selected records in the current page, click Deselect all in current page button (12) (empty box).
To delete the records, select the particular record and click Delete button (13)

The enable fields are showing as “true” in the table and disable fields are showing as “false”

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