Tips & Best Practices

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Emotion Sensor® Creation

  • Ask questions to relate emotionally with the audience.
  • Use suitable emoticons/emotive themes to reflect the emotional responses.
  • Same emoticon should not be used for different emotional responses.
  • Keep the Emotion SensorsĀ® short and simple.
  • Make sure every question is required and relates with the previous answer.
    • Use /skip logic based on the responses.
    • Use feedback themes (open ended questions) to drill down into the details.
  • Give top of the mind responses.
  • Questions should provoke the emoter (respondent) to give the response.
    • Use simple language.
    • Add translations when necessary.

Emotion Sensor® UI Design

  • When web embedding the Emotion SensorĀ® as a pop-up, reduce the font size of the responses than the default size.

View Analytics

  • Pick contrasting colors to identify the responses so when viewing the analytics, differences can be seen better. Recommended colors for a 5 point-likert scale response palette:
    • #008000 (positive response 2)
    • #ADFF2F (positive response 1)
    • #FFFF00 (neutral response)
    • #FFA500 (negative response 1)
    • #FF0000 (negative response 2)
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