Emotion Pulse Meter

-- Download Emotion Pulse Meter as PDF --

Emotion pulse meter breaks down the emotes (responses) of the selected question in a particular Emotion Sensor®

Emotion pulse meter for above question is as follows.

Labels can be added to identify the emotes (responses) so the reports won’t look cluttered if the answers to the questions are lengthy.

Go to edit Emotion Sensor® and click on the cogwheel icon on top right corner of the emote (response) and select Label.

Add the label in the box provided and Apply.

These labels won’t be visible in the Emotion Sensor® so the emoters (respondents) will not be able to see them. (Labels added to below answers are Very happy, Somewhat happy, Not so happy, Unhappy, Very unhappy)

The labels will be visible on the Emotion pulse meter as below.

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