User Profiles

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Create user profiles 

To create a new user account, go to User Management  in Settings menu.

Enter User name, Password, Email and Select the User role from the User role drop menu.

There are 6 different user roles in the system, each role has a different set of privileges. So the user access to system modules are permitted by their roles as below.

  • Administrator: Have access to all features in the dashboard.
  • Manager: Have access to all the features, but cannot create user accounts (The only difference between administrator and manager roles)
  • Reviewer: Cannot create sensors or user accounts. Can see only the analytics for assigned sensors. But has access to the Comm-center.
  • Orchestrator: Can only create sensors and view sensors. Cannot see the analytics and cannot access Comm-center either.
  • Surveyor: Can launch sensors but doesn’t have access for anything else.
  • Communication Manager: Has access only to the Comm-center.

If you click on Enable PII restriction checkbox you can hide the personal information (such as name, email, telephone) from the analytics.

We can add the enterprise hierarchy for a user by clicking Assign enterprise hierarchy link.

Then click on the Save button and create a new user account.

You can see the Created users in Current users list in the bottom of the page

Add access control

To give an access/restrict privilege for sensors, Click on Add Access Control button.
Select Access level (Access or Restrict) from drop menu.

Type the sensor name and select the name to the Select survey text box.

Then click the Add button.

To remove the added controls click on Remove survey access control link.

Update profiles

To Delete,Edit and Reset Password,  click on the buttons in front of the user in Current user list.

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