Automatic Move to Next Page

To move from one page to the next one, without hitting on the Next button, enable the toggle in front of Automatic move to next page on Publish step in sensor creation and Save/Update. *This feature is available only for the campaign type Emotion Sensors®. **Also, if the page contains multiselect or page wise comments, […]

Campaign Status

Email Campaign Status There are 8 types of status available in the email campaign. We can send the emails and check campaign details by filtering data from these statuses. All: To see all user status for sent emails. Delivered: To see only delivered user details for sent emails Responded: To see who has submitted emotes […]

Campaign Performance

To view the performance of a campaign, go to Visualize > Campaigns. Select the Emotion SensorĀ® from the drop-down in front of Survey and Refresh. Select the campaign type (Emali/SMS) from the drop-down in front of Channel. To compare two or more campaigns’ performance of one channel (either Email/SMS), select the Emotion SensorsĀ® from the […]