Timeline And Pulse Meter

Go to the dashboard Menu and click on the Analyze, Basic Reports, and select Timeline And Pulse Meter. Select Analytic type as Pulse meter or Timeline from the drop-down, after selecting surveys you can’t change the Analytic type. If you want to change the analytics type remove the selected surveys and change the type and […]

Comment Categories & Sentiment

Go to the dashboard, click on the Menu, Visualize and go to the Comments and select Comment Categories & Sentiment. Select a survey from the Select survey dropdown and select pages from the Select pages section to view particular page comments in the report. Add date filters and add emo signature filters using the Emo […]

Count And Ranking

Go to the dashboard Menu and click on the Analyze, Basic Reports and select Count And Ranking. Charts will appear only for the surveys which have the same emotive themes. Select surveys that contain the same emotive themes from the Surveys dropdown. Add filters that you want to add for the chart. Select the chart […]

Sentiment Analysis

This report can be used to analyze customer feedback on a selected survey or using twitter keywords. Enter keywords and Twitter checkbox allow filtering comments related to the added keyword. These comments get categorized as negative and positive comments with the percentage. Location and date filters allow us to filter out comments further. Using Select […]

Details on Emotion Sensor® Widget

User response count per question To view the user response count per question, check the bottom left corner on the Emotion SensorĀ® widget on My surveys page. To move to question by question, click arrowhead on the left and right side of the widget. Emotion sensorĀ® created date, time and version To view created date, […]