Emojot Portals

Multiple portals are available under Emojot platform to cater different requirements. CX Portal Provides analytics specific to the account. CX portals are created upon client request, and once created, login credentials are provided. Access the CX Portal here >>> https://emojot.com/portal/ Reach Out Portal This portal is used when an admin wants to share an email/sms […]

NPS® Analysis

To create NPS® Analysis Report, first create an Emotion Sensor® with NPS questions.refer NET PROMOTER SCORE® article for more info about NPS®. Add segments to the report Go to NPS Analysis under Analyze in the main menu. Select the Emotion Sensor® from the drop-down in front of Survey (1)and the questions from the drop-down in […]

Customer Satisfaction Indices

Customer satisfaction questions helps users to identify where their organizations stand. Inbuilt question capabilities in the platform allows users to add the global standard questions mentioned below. These score values are calculated automatically, real-time. Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) – please refer this article. Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) – please refer this article. Customer Effort Score […]

Customer Effort Score

Customer Effort Score (CES) measures how customers feel about the effort it took for them to interact with the company. There are two types of inbuilt questions to calculate CES available in the platform. The organization made it easy for me to handle my issue Overall, how easy was it to get the help you […]

Customer Satisfaction Score

Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) measures the users’ satisfaction with a product or service. This identifies the short-term happiness of the clients. To view the report, go to Visualize >> Emolytics >> Customer Satisfaction Indices and select the CSAT tab. Question – CSAT question of the Emotion Sensor® (Only CSAT questions will be listed down here) Period – […]

Net Promoter Score®

Net Promoter Score® measures the willingness of customers to recommend a company’s product or service to others. NPS® long term happiness on customer loyalty. Promoters – Love the company’s product/service Passives – Somewhat satisfied Detractors – Not particularly thrilled by the product/service To view the report, go to Visualize >> Emolytics >> Customer Satisfaction Indices […]