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Getting Started

All you need to know about getting started on Emojot platform; Log into Emojot platform Login to the platform using this url: https://emojot.com/login Enter your username/password and hit Sign in. Home page view What you see on the home page, differs from your user role. Available user roles are; Administrator: ...
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Employee Screening Flow

"Employee Screening Flow" is introduced to maintain a safe workplace as employees return to work during the Covid-19 pandemic. This process screens, validates and traces employees who enter the facility. The flow consists of globally validated screening standards and AI based decision tree models and can be deployed very fast ...
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Create an Emotion SensorĀ®

To create a new survey, click New survey in the My surveyspage. Then enter Survey Name, Survey Title and the Short URL to access the sensor.This short URL helps the users to load the sensor. Then click Next. Type the question on Type your question here box. Type the answers ...
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Multi Factor Authentication

Navigate to Manage MFA page in Settings tab on the the menu. Enabling Multi Factor Authentication To enable MFA for a particular account, first click the Enable MFA(1) button. Follow the given instructions. Enter the code received to the Authenticator App on your mobile and verify. Resetting Multi Factor Authentication ...
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Create an Emotion SensorĀ® from Template

To create a sensor from existing template, click sensor Templates on My sensors page, and Select Category from dropdown menu. All the templates relevant to the selected category are shown. Click + ADD to enter Sensor name and URL and add.To preview the sensor, click on the template ...
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