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Download an Emotion SensorĀ®

To download a sensor onto an Excel file, click on the Download survey as an excel icon in sensor widget on My Surveys page ...
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Edit an Emotion SensorĀ®

To edit a sensor, click on Edit sensor icon on sensor widget on My sensors page. Sensor name, sensor title, type, short URL, questions, emotive themes, etc. can be changed from this. Once the editions are done, Update the sensor. When the sensor contains user emotes, it can be either ...
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Enterprise Hierarchy

*Will be mentioned as EH in the document for easy reference Capture Enterprise Hierarchy To capture EH of an Emotion Sensor®, enable the toggle in front of Enterprise Hierarchy capturing and select the relevant model from dropdown in front of Enterprise Hierarchy model in last step of survey creation (Publish ...
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Mobile Skins

Apply mobile skin To enhance the look and feel of the sensor, background, font colors, button colors, etc. can be changed. Select a suitable skin from the dropdown in front of Mobile skin in last step of sensor creation (Publish step) and apply. Create mobile skin To create a new ...
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Master Skin

Edit the following skin and assign the same to the sensor when you want to change the "look and feel" of the sensor. This article provides details about how to change the sensor ui in code level. Each class is explained below so you can change the colors, font sizes, ...
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Score Segment Comparison

Score Segment Comparison reports can be used to compare multiple series of score segments. To access this report, scores should be assigned to responses. To learn how to assign scores to emoticons, please refer this article >> Scoring. To access this report, go to Analyze >> Score Segment Comparison Click ...
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