SMS Template

-- Download SMS Template as PDF --

Save SMS template

To create an SMS template, go to Compose in Comm-center.

Select SMS (from the Message type (1) drop menu.

Select an emotion sensorĀ® from Survey to embed (2) drop menu.

To enter the survey URL to the SMS body by clicking the Sensor (3) button.

Then click Username (4) and Unsubscribe link (5) buttons to enter the username and unsubscribe link to the SMS body.

Select Emoting type (6) . (Anonymous, Onetime, Continuous)

Click Save Template (7) button and enter the Template name (8) and Save

All saved templates are available in the Template (10) drop menu.

Update SMS template

To update the template, select the saved template from the Template drop menu (10) and do necessary changes.

Then, click Update template (11) button and Update (12).

Delete SMS template

Select the particular template from the Template (10) drop menu and click the Delete template (13) button.

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