Timeline And Pulse Meter

-- Download Timeline And Pulse Meter as PDF --

Go to the dashboard Menu and click on the Analyze, Basic Reports, and select Timeline And Pulse Meter.

Select Analytic type as Pulse meter or Timeline from the drop-down, after selecting surveys you can’t change the Analytic type. If you want to change the analytics type remove the selected surveys and change the type and add surveys again.

Add other filters and click on the Refresh button to view the changes. Charts data will get changed according to the selected survey question from the dropdown.

Analytic type as Pulse meter
Analytics type as Timeline

Filter by Emoter

If the particular survey captured user details such as name, this feature allows to search user’s responses related to the selected survey and question by entering their name in the Emoter text box.

Enter the user’s name in the textbox and click on the Refresh button to filter out the particular user’s responses.

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