Word Cloud Report

Word clouds can be generated based on text feedback given to an Emotion Sensor®. These are generated based on the relative importance of the words found in the comments. Businesses can easily identify the areas that needs to be improved at a glance using this capability. To access the report, go to Analyze >> Sentiment […]

Comment Categories & Sentiment

Go to the dashboard, click on the Menu, Visualize and go to the Comments and select Comment Categories & Sentiment. Select a survey from the Select survey dropdown and select pages from the Select pages section to view particular page comments in the report. Add date filters and add emo signature filters using the Emo […]

Emotion Pulse Meter

Emotion pulse meter breaks down the emotes (responses) of the selected question in a particular Emotion Sensor® Emotion pulse meter for above question is as follows. Labels can be added to identify the emotes (responses) so the reports won’t look cluttered if the answers to the questions are lengthy. Go to edit Emotion Sensor® and […]

Perceptic map

Perceptic map provides a new context and perspective to data that is simply not possible with tables and charts. It helps users discover how data are spread in different locations. Question – the selected question of the Emotion Sensor® Type – there are two types available in for the perceptic map. Location volume – this […]