Terms of Service

Last Updated: May 2020 These Terms may be updated from time to time as explained in Section 12.4. We encourage you to refer to these Terms regularly to ensure your compliance. They can always be found at www.emojot.com/tnc. If a valid license agreement exists between you and Emojot, those terms take precedence over these Terms. […]

Individual Responses

To view individual responses given to surveys, go to Visualize > Individual Responses. Select survey – Select the Emotion Sensor® you want to view the responses from the drop-down Question– Questions of the survey (This could be either All or questions can be selected manually) Emotes – Either all emotes or first/last emote submitted by […]

Enterprise Data Upload

To add enterprise data into analytics, Enterprise Data should be uploaded first. Go to Settings >> Enterprise Data Upload. Add enterprise metric with data Enter Metric name(1) for Name field. Select Type(2) and enter the Parameter name(3) for the selected type. And select value type from Type (4) drop menu. Select Period (5) as Daily […]