Cookie Policy for the Emojot Platform

This is Version 1.0 of the Emojot Platform Cookie Policy. Last Updated: May 2020 Emojot Overview Emojot is a global pioneer in real-time, emotion-based, intelligent experience management. Emojot empowers companies with critical insights, and recommendations that accelerate revenue, reduce churn and enhances brand promise. With its innovative, software-based ‘Emotion SensorsTM’ and AI-driven analytics, Emojot’s enterprise-grade […]

Process Journeys

Process journeys are useful when identifying the touchpoints that need attention to improve the flow. A process journey consists of below components: Node: A point that the data indicates a customer (or user) interaction with a business. Connection: A path that connects two nodes. Records (a.k.a. Events): An action of going through a node. Typically […]

Journey Maps

Two types of journey maps are available on Emojot platform. 1. Touchpoint Journeys Touchpoint journeys are useful when identifying the points where customers (or consumers) interact with the organization before, during or after the experience. A touchpoint journey consists of two components. Touchpoint – A point of contact or interaction, between the business and its […]