Emojot Portals

Multiple portals are available under Emojot platform to cater different requirements. CX Portal Provides analytics specific to the account. CX portals are created upon client request, and once created, login credentials are provided. Access the CX Portal here >>> https://emojot.com/portal/ Reach Out Portal This portal is used when an admin wants to share an email/sms […]

Question Settings

Multiple options are available on Emojot dashboard to make an Emotion Sensor® unique and interesting. Go to Edit survey and move to Design step. Click on the cogwheel icon on the right corner of the question and go to Settings. This opens up the Question Settings window below. To show/hide emojis, enable/disable this toggle. To […]


When demographic questions are added to the Emotion Sensors® those questions can be used to cross analyze the data in other questions of the same Emotion Sensor®. Question – question that needs to be cross referenced with the demographic question Demographic – demographic question To make the questions demographic type, please refer this article >> […]