Skip-logic is a capability that is used in Emotion Sensors® to show dynamic recommendations (and/or content) based on the responses a respondent has given to the previous questions in the sensor. This versatile capability play a huge role in sensor creation (and also on update). What specializes Emojot’s skip logic capability is, you can define a logic to trigger at a latter point in the sensor.

To add skip-logic to a sensor, go to Sensor edit >> Publish state >> Page settings >> Add skip logic. This opens up a window where you can define the logic.

  1. End in this page – if this toggle is enabled, the respondents cannot move forward in the sensor if they respond according to the defined logic.
  2. Next page – from the dropdown in front of this, you can select the page you want to show the respondents if they respond according to the defined logic.
  3. End in next page – if you want the next page to be the last page a respondent sees if they respond based on the logic you defined, enable this toggle.
  4. Redirect on – this is where you can define the logic to redirect. If more conditions need to be added to the logic, click on the plus icon (5) and define.

Once the logic is defined, click on Apply.

Then, update the sensor. The respondents will see the pages based on the defined skip-logic.

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