Emoter Interaction

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This report provides the details, how users response/interact with the surveys in a particular account.

Date Filter

Filter out data using the date and time filter.


Shows the summary of the users’ interaction and the status of surveys in a particular account.

Survey List

The survey list includes all the surveys in that account and the survey related details.

Survey: Survey names. (To identify the surveys)
Status: Whether a particular survey is live or not. If the survey is active/live it shows a green color gif.
Unique views: How many unique views in that survey.
Respondents: How many respondents access that survey.
Completion rate: Completion rate in percentage. (How many users complete the survey)
Responses and Total emotes: How many responses and total emote in that survey.

By clicking on the More, it redirects to another tab and it shows explained details of the selected survey.

The following chart shows time spent on a particular page and number of times respondents visited each page.

Time spent on pages

Monthly, Daily, Yearly timeline

This timeline shows View vs Total responses according to monthly, daily yearly category.

User Response details

The user response details are categories under the country, city, browser, OS, device, screen resolution, and referrer

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