Edit an Emotion Sensor®

To edit a sensor, click on Edit sensor icon on sensor widget on My sensors page. Sensor name, sensor title, type, short URL, questions, emotive themes, etc. can be changed from this. Once the editions are done, Update the sensor. When the sensor contains user emotes, it can be either archived or replaced.

SMS Campaign

Create a user list or select a user to send an SMS campaign We can send an SMS campaign for created user lists or selected user/s from the Contact list.refer USER LISTS IN COMM-CENTER for more infoIf you want to send an email without creating a user list You can select the users from the Contact tab […]


Skip-logic is a capability that is used in Emotion Sensors® to show dynamic recommendations (and/or content) based on the responses a respondent has given to the previous questions in the sensor. This versatile capability play a huge role in sensor creation (and also on update). What specializes Emojot’s skip logic capability is, you can define […]