Edit an Emotion Sensor®

To edit a sensor, click on Edit sensor icon on sensor widget on My sensors page. Sensor name, sensor title, type, short URL, questions, emotive themes, etc. can be changed from this. Once the editions are done, Update the sensor. When the sensor contains user emotes, it can be either archived or replaced.

Duplicate an Emotion Sensor®

To duplicate a sensor within the same account, click on Duplicate surveyicon on sensor widget on My sensors page. Provide Name and URL for the new sensor and click on Duplicate.

Tips & Best Practices

Emotion Sensor® Creation Ask questions to relate emotionally with the audience. Use suitable emoticons/emotive themes to reflect the emotional responses. Same emoticon should not be used for different emotional responses. Keep the Emotion Sensors® short and simple. Make sure every question is required and relates with the previous answer. Use /skip logic based on the […]