Mobile Skins

Apply mobile skin To enhance the look and feel of the sensor, background, font colors, button colors, etc. can be changed. Select a suitable skin from the dropdown in front of Mobile skin in last step of sensor creation (Publish step) and apply. Create mobile skin To create a new skin, click the Brush icon in […]

Master Skin

Edit the following skin and assign the same to the sensor when you want to change the “look and feel” of the sensor. This article provides details about how to change the sensor ui in code level. Each class is explained below so you can change the colors, font sizes, images, etc. accordingly. To know […]

File upload through Emotion Sensors™

Uploading files is a versatile capability that is available in Emotion Sensors™. To enable this, please contact the dev team. Different types of files can be uploaded through the sensors such as png, pdf, xls, etc. Below is a screenshot from a sensor where upload file is enabled. Once the file is selected, add a […]

Real-estate Optimization for Emotion Sensor® UI

Sensor UI can be optimized by removing header and/or progress bar.* To hide these components enable the toggle in front of Hide sensor components in Publish step of sensor creation. When this toggle is enabled, orchestrators can show/hide either header and/or progress bar from sensor UI. *By default, both these components are shown. Hide header […]

Answer Piping

Answer piping is an interesting feature introduced by Emojot. Emotion Sensor® UI page content can be dynamically generated based on the responses given in the previous survey question pages. The same capability can be used to display the responses given by respondents to review the responses they have given before submitting the sensor. This capability […]