Score Histogram Report

Score Histogram report is used to view the Histogram chart of the Emotion Sensor® questions which has scores assigned. Score Histogram Report Navigation Go to the Dashboard and click on the Menu icon on the left side upper corner. Click on the Analyze, Score Analysis, and select Score Histogram. Add Widget Click on the filter […]

Word Cloud Report

Word clouds can be generated based on text feedback given to an Emotion Sensor®. These are generated based on the relative importance of the words found in the comments. Businesses can easily identify the areas that needs to be improved at a glance using this capability. To access the report, go to Analyze >> Sentiment […]

Emoter Interaction

This report provides the details, how users response/interact with the surveys in a particular account. Date Filter Filter out data using the date and time filter. Analytics Shows the summary of the users’ interaction and the status of surveys in a particular account. Survey List The survey list includes all the surveys in that account […]

Enterprise Hierarchical (EH) View

Go to Enterprise Hierarchical view in Analyze in the main menu. Survey– Select the particular survey you need to view the report. Group By– Select the group which you want to show the data in showing graph. Change question– To change the question. Total responses– Showing how many responses are available for each group. Legend– […]

Demographic Analysis

We can compare the responses of demographic questions and normal questions. Go to Demographic Analysis report under Analyze in the menu. Select the Emotion Sensor® and questions from the dropdown. To compare the responses of normal and demographic questions, click the Emote button and select questions from the dropdown.Then given responses are shown in the chart below. […]

Timeline And Pulse Meter

Go to the dashboard Menu and click on the Analyze, Basic Reports, and select Timeline And Pulse Meter. Select Analytic type as Pulse meter or Timeline from the drop-down, after selecting surveys you can’t change the Analytic type. If you want to change the analytics type remove the selected surveys and change the type and […]

Basic Reports

Basic Reports contains three reports, which use to analyze data. The following reports contain under the Basic Reports. Tabular And Pie Charts (Previously known as Cross Sensor Comparison) Count And Ranking (Previously known as Cross Sensor Single Theme) Timeline And Pulse Meter (Previously known as Cross Sensor Multiple Theme) Navigation Go to the dashboard, click […]