Emojot Portals

Multiple portals are available under Emojot platform to cater different requirements. CX Portal Provides analytics specific to the account. CX portals are created upon client request, and once created, login credentials are provided. Access the CX Portal here >>> https://emojot.com/portal/ Reach Out Portal This portal is used when an admin wants to share an email/sms […]

Employee Screening Flow

“Employee Screening Flow” is introduced to maintain a safe workplace as employees return to work during the Covid-19 pandemic. This process screens, validates and traces employees who enter the facility. The flow consists of globally validated screening standards and AI based decision tree models and can be deployed very fast. First, an Emotion SensorĀ® (survey) […]

Enterprise Hierarchical (EH) View

Go to Enterprise Hierarchical view in Analyze in the main menu. Survey– Select the particular survey you need to view the report. Group By– Select the group which you want to show the data in showing graph. Change question– To change the question. Total responses– Showing how many responses are available for each group. Legend– […]

Demographic Analysis

We can compare the responses of demographic questions and normal questions. Go to Demographic Analysis report under Analyze in the menu. Select the Emotion SensorĀ® and questions from the dropdown. To compare the responses of normal and demographic questions, click the Emote button and select questions from the dropdown.Then given responses are shown in the chart below. […]

Process Journeys

Process journeys are useful when identifying the touchpoints that need attention to improve the flow. A process journey consists of below components: Node: A point that the data indicates a customer (or user) interaction with a business. Connection: A path that connects two nodes. Records (a.k.a. Events): An action of going through a node. Typically […]

Comment Categories & Sentiment

Go to the dashboard, click on the Menu, Visualize and go to the Comments and select Comment Categories & Sentiment. Select a survey from the Select survey dropdown and select pages from the Select pages section to view particular page comments in the report. Add date filters and add emo signature filters using the Emo […]

Journey Maps

Two types of journey maps are available on Emojot platform. 1. Touchpoint Journeys Touchpoint journeys are useful when identifying the points where customers (or consumers) interact with the organization before, during or after the experience. A touchpoint journey consists of two components. Touchpoint – A point of contact or interaction, between the business and its […]