Reminder Email Campaign

We can send reminder emails for given filters.refer EMAIL CAMPAIGN post to see how we can send an email campaignTo send an email, click on the campaign detail record. Then add filters from Filter (1) drop menu. refer CAMPAIGN STATUS article for more about campaign status Click ‘Compose’ (2) button. Click on ‘ Reminder ‘ […]

SMS Campaign

Create a user list or select a user to send an SMS campaign We can send an SMS campaign for created user lists or selected user/s from the Contact list.refer USER LISTS IN COMM-CENTER for more infoIf you want to send an email without creating a user list You can select the users from the Contact tab […]

Emotive Themes

To learn how to create emoticons on the platform, please refer this article >> Create Emoticons Create inline emotive themes Go to Design step in survey creation. Type the respective responses/answers below the emoji. To change emojis, click on the cogwheel icon top right corner of the emoticon box. Go to Edit and select an […]

Create Emoticons

To create emoticons, go to Settings >> Emotive Themes. Click on the Upload (1) tab in the emoticon widget and click on the Upload emoji (2) button. Drop the file that wants to be used in emoticon creation and click Next. Select the shape of the emoticon either Round or Box and click Next. Change […]

More Information

Emotion Sensor® – Emotional visual survey which captures emotion of the respondent Emoter – Respondent of an Emotion Sensor® Orchestrator – Who manages Emotion Sensors® using Emojot dashboard Enterprise Hierarchy – Hierarchy of the enterprise that needs to be captured in the analytics

Tips & Best Practices

Emotion Sensor® Creation Ask questions to relate emotionally with the audience. Use suitable emoticons/emotive themes to reflect the emotional responses. Same emoticon should not be used for different emotional responses. Keep the Emotion Sensors® short and simple. Make sure every question is required and relates with the previous answer. Use /skip logic based on the […]