Edit an Emotion Sensor®

To edit a sensor, click on Edit sensor icon on sensor widget on My sensors page. Sensor name, sensor title, type, short URL, questions, emotive themes, etc. can be changed from this. Once the editions are done, Update the sensor. When the sensor contains user emotes, it can be either archived or replaced.

Emoter Interaction

This report provides the details, how users response/interact with the surveys in a particular account. Date Filter Filter out data using the date and time filter. Analytics Shows the summary of the users’ interaction and the status of surveys in a particular account. Survey List The survey list includes all the surveys in that account […]

Emotive Themes

To learn how to create emoticons on the platform, please refer this article >> Create Emoticons Create inline emotive themes Go to Design step in survey creation. Type the respective responses/answers below the emoji. To change emojis, click on the cogwheel icon top right corner of the emoticon box. Go to Edit and select an […]

Create Emoticons

To create emoticons, go to Settings >> Emotive Themes. Click on the Upload (1) tab in the emoticon widget and click on the Upload emoji (2) button. Drop the file that wants to be used in emoticon creation and click Next. Select the shape of the emoticon either Round or Box and click Next. Change […]

Duplicate an Emotion Sensor®

To duplicate a sensor within the same account, click on Duplicate surveyicon on sensor widget on My sensors page. Provide Name and URL for the new sensor and click on Duplicate.

Individual Responses

To view individual responses given to surveys, go to Visualize > Individual Responses. Select survey – Select the Emotion Sensor® you want to view the responses from the drop-down Question– Questions of the survey (This could be either All or questions can be selected manually) Emotes – Either all emotes or first/last emote submitted by […]

Anonymous Responses

Anonymous responses option lets users to choose whether they want their respondents to be identified or not. This feature is most useful when sharing the Emotion Sensor® on email and collecting responses on KIOSK mode. Responses collected on KIOSK mode are anonymous by default. To learn more about KIOSK mode, please refer this article >> […]

Continuous Responses

Continuous responses option lets users to choose whether they want their respondents to respond continuously to a given Emotion Sensor®. This feature is most useful when sharing the Emotion Sensor® on email. When sharing Emotion Sensors® on email, respondents can be either tracked or not tracked. When Emoting type is selected as Continuous, it allows […]

Details on Emotion Sensor® Widget

User response count per question To view the user response count per question, check the bottom left corner on the Emotion Sensor® widget on My surveys page. To move to question by question, click arrowhead on the left and right side of the widget. Emotion sensor® created date, time and version To view created date, […]